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mr nice guy

Mr. Nice is a cross between the legendary G13 strain and the Hash Plant. Previously unavailable since the '80s, Sensi Seed Bank has put this strain on the market again. It's named in honor of Howard Marks, the Oxford graduate who became one of the biggest cannabis smugglers of our time. After his time in federal prison Howard released his autobiography entitled "Mr. Nice". This indica-dominant hybrid has extremely dense buds with a sweet smell. Mr. Nice will creep up and provide you with a strong, mellow high.

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Galactica OG by Palomar Craft Cannabis is an intensely powerful indica with heavy physical effects. This strain boasts a potent terpene profile thick with pine and earthy aromas. An indica-dominant cross of Saturn OG x Jedi Kush, Galactica OG’s effects hit the consumer with an intense buzz that rushes to the head before settling into the body. Anticipate deeply sedative physical effects that help relieve insomnia and minor physical discomfort while locking consumers to the couch.



Perfect for night time use, the heavy indica Grand Daddy Purple hits both the body and mind initially but quickly fades into a smooth body buzz like most heavy Indicas do. For patients Grand Daddy Purps is ideal for pain management. It can also be effective at treating insomnia, depression and anxiety. Novice users beware though, this strain can pack a powerful punch. We'd recommend starting with a hit or two and waiting a few minutes before opting to consume more

heavy hitter

Heavy Hitter is a pure Indica that is true to its name as delivers overwhelming body high. As most Indicas, Heavy Hitter has good analgesic effect and can be used medicinally for wide array of disorders. Heavy Hitter is good for day and evening time medicinal and recreational use. It Induces intense body high and relaxation, uplifts mood, increases creativity, provides strong analgesic effect, stimulates appetite, laziness and couch lock.