How much is the flower? The strains aren’t for sale! They are available gifts you may add on to your order of art prints. The prints you are purchasing come in 3 different sizes. Please call customer service for pricing inquiries.

I’m not from DC, can I still order? Welcome and yes, you can! If you need help finding an address to meet your driver, please call or text customer service and a representative will help find a suitable address.

Do I need a medical card to order? No. We are a recreational delivery service so you do not need a medical card to order. You just need a valid state ID or passport that verifies age and identity.

How do I order? We accept online only. If this is your first time, please have your ID handy to verify age and identity.

Can I order in advance? Of course! We can reserve the items you’d like delivered for up to 1 week.

Do you have a delivery fee/minimum? We do not charge for deliveries. As long as you meet a minimum of $70, we’ll be able to process your order.

What are your ASAP delivery times? For ASAP orders, it will take an estimated 1-2 hours for your driver to reach you. You may also place your order at least 3 hours ahead of time to avoid the wait.

Can I arrange a “pick up”? If you’re mobile, we’ll provide you with a pick up address of where you can meet your driver half way for a quicker delivery time.

Why haven’t I gotten a confirmation text? The confirmation text lets you know we have received your order and it summarizes your delivery details. If you have placed an order and have not gotten a confirmation text from us, we are most likely high volume and will get to your order soon. Please call or text customer service if you haven’t received a text after 20 minutes.

Why hasn’t my driver reached out yet? Our drivers are on the road and do their best to update estimated time of arrivals. Please call or text customer service and we’ll remind your driver to reach out.  

Do the drivers accept tips? At your discretion :)